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Scotland, 1915. A group of teenagers from two families meet for a picnic, but the war across the Channel is soon to tear them away from such youthful pleasures. All too soon, the horror of what is to

ISBN10 : 1446452719 , ISBN13 : 9781446452714

Page Number : 320

Fahrenheit 451

Montag is a fireman who is employed to burn books and set fire to any house where books are found. He succumbs to the temptation to read but when he is discovered a nightmare hunt begins.

ISBN10 : 9780871293107 , ISBN13 : 0871293102

Page Number : 158

Animal Farm

Suatu malam, Major, si babi tua yang bijaksana, mengumpulkan para binatang di peternakan untuk bercerita tentang mimpinya. Setelah sekian lama hidup di bawah tirani manusia, Major mendapat visi bahwa

ISBN10 : 6022912822 , ISBN13 : 9786022912828

Page Number : 148